About us

Panettone is the undisputed Christmas king and we know it well. In fact, we have honoured the tradition of the Christmas cake par excellence for over seventy years, producing the original Panettone of Milan with artisanal care and following the old recipe.

Strong with this experience, we have created MilanoVeg®: a line of baked products without any animal by-products designed not only for those following a vegan lifestyle, but also for all those following a low-fat or lactose-free diet. So, the Dolce di Natale Vegano (Vegan Christmas Cake) was born: soft and fragrant as tradition dictates, but produced with strictly VEGAN ingredients.



Being vegan does not mean to give up on taste.
That is why MilanoVeg® products are born from the research for the best raw materials and their knowledgeable processing, carried out with artisanal care to guarantee excellent quality and taste. For us the art of confectionery is a real passion that we have cultivated since 1944.
This is why we have wanted to put this experience at the service of the new food trends, creating the Dolce di Natale Vegano.


The vegan Christmas cake

The Dolce di Natale is prepared with artisanal care and is dedicated to those who choose to follow a diet with no animal by-products, without giving up on taste.


The vegan Christmas cake without candied fruit

Dedicated to those who do not like candied fruit
but celebrate tradition with the classic recipe.


The vegan chocolate Christmas cake

All the taste of Christmas tradition
enriched with delicious dark chocolate drops.


It isn’t Carnival time without Chiacchiere!

That’s why we have decided to give those who follow a vegan diet the pleasure of tasting a tray of freshly made Chiacchiere pastries.
Crispy and crumbly, our Chiacchiere are free from ingredients of animal origin. They are tasty yet light because they are dried in the oven.


Vegan Easter cake

Soft, light and tasty: this Easter Cake is made with artisan care according to the classic recipe: sourdough starter (and 72 hours of natural leavening), only selected ingredients, diced candied Sicilian orange peel, a fragrant coarse sugar and almond frosting.


Vegan chocolate Easter cake

All the taste of tradition enriched with delicious dark chocolate chips and a crunchy chopped chocolate and hazelnut topping.


Vegan Easter cake without candied fruit

A cake for those who are not fond of candied fruit but love tradition. This version of the Easter Cake is rich in sultanas with a delicious coarse sugar and almond frosting.



We eliminated butter, eggs, milk and honey and replaced them with extra-virgin olive oil, rice oil and cocoa butter (no palm oil). But we do not give up on quality! To make the Dolce di Natale Vegano we use only natural flavours, Sicilian orange peel, freshly candied with cane sugar and Madagascan vanilla in pods. We add 72 hours’ natural leavening with mother yeast to get a soft, light cake with the right consistency.